Created in collaboration with textile designer Jagrity Phukan and weavers of the Mishing community, the Majuli edit is our attempt to honour the xirokh (drawloom) - its qualities, process and tradition. This project truly embodies slow fashion, sustainability, and an ancient textile tradition. 
Every piece in this special collection is created as an ode to the community and a weaving  process that carries many, many years of wisdom and skill. Every piece is unique. 
Under the guidance of Jagrity, the weavers of the Mishing community took upon weaving hand-spun and handwoven Eri silk-wool shawls/scarfs - a luxurious blend that is warmer than plain silk and softer than wool - lightweight and enveloping. The natural dyes were created in-house using flowers and plants from Jagrity's own dye garden. The unusual pattern placement is an attempt to bring a contemporary look while the motifs are revived from the archives, showcasing the essence of the tribe.