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Celebrating Northeast

Value process
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Preserving heritage

The Northeast of India has the highest density of handlooms, but little is known of its textiles beyond the region. We are trying  to bridge this gap by creating contemporary products rooted in tradition.

​At TSC, we aim to promote rare Northeast handloom traditions and help connect the art of its women weavers to the rest of the world. So we can unravel the culture of an ancient land - one product at a time. 

Our Philosophy
Sarees & Mekhela Sador

In a world ruled by machines, we take extreme pride in presenting exquisitely handmade pieces. Since each and every piece from TSC Studio is individually hand crafted, the creation process ensures that no two pieces are exactly the same. 

Check out our enviable collection of mekhela sador and sarees, and you might just find a piece that is worth acquiring, wearing and cherishing for years to come. 

All our weaves are made from natural materials handcrafted by weavers of Assam, using age-old techniques and eco-friendly dyes. Each exquisitely handwoven Assam silk saree is a testament to the highly skilled weavers who pass on their knowledge from one generation to the next, creating a beautiful craft heritage.

We make use of this rich heritage of hand weaving to create original, timeless pieces. 

Our Process
Jagrity x TSC

A collector's edition created in collaboration with textile designer Jagrity Phukan and weavers of the Mishing community to honour the entirely hand-operated xirokh (drawloom) - its qualities, process and tradition.

The Majuli project truly embodies slow fashion, sustainability, and an ancient textile tradition. 

Giving back

At TSC, we believe in giving back to society. That is why we partner with Heritage Foundation to donate part of our profits - an NGO committed to creating a community of women weavers, providing craft-based training, design assistance, and financial support so handloom weaving is seen as a viable livelihood.

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What Our Customers Say

I absolutely loved the Celebrating Northeast series. Unique collection that I haven't seen anywhere else. Stunning pieces. I have a Naga design saree that I absolutely love and have received so many compliments from family and friends. Waiting to see what you bring next.

Upasana Kulkarni, Bangalore

Beautiful collection! And I loved the personal touch during the ordering process. I needed the delivery urgently, and they went out of their way to ensure that it reaches me on time. Thank you!

Priyanka C, Hong Kong

I have been buying from you since 2018 and have never been disappointed. Beautiful collection that I just keep coming back to. Thank you for these exclusive Assam handloom sarees. May you continue to grow exponentially.

Latha Reddy, Hyderabad

TSC is a mix of traditional and contemporary. They don’t compromise on the core values for Northeastern Indian handloom craft. I loved my saree from them. It is always enlightening to interact with them. They are always happy to listen to the consumers. Wish you luck and success always.

Deeksha Chamola, Mumbai

Received my order today and I'm so pleased with the quality and value. I decided to go ahead and order another saree immediately. Thanks for the wonderful products. Thank you for the shipping updates and prompt delivery. I'm very pleased with my buys.

Niharika Bose, USA

I'm in LOOOOOOVE! Ordered a mekhela sador and honestly, everything was perfect. It feels softer than it looked in the photos and the craftsmanship is EXACTLY as I had expected. I love the colours, the textures, the everything! Thank you for making such BEAUTIFUL things!

Megha Talukdar, UK