Our Philosophy

At TSC, we strive to be a socially motivated brand and firmly believe in mindful production & sustainability. Each style in our collection is individually handmade by our skilled artisans and we do every process with caution and care for the environment. Every step in our production is evaluated about the sustainable way of living that we strive for.

Inventive Small Batch Manufacturing

Saying our pieces are limited isn't a marketing gimmick. Advocating the philosophy of LESS IS MORE, we purposely keep our collections smalloften limited edition, thus living up to our sustainability ethosA lot of our designs are inspired by what already exists, time-tested textile blends and heritage motifs that has been used for centuries. Our philosophy is about creating connections between past and present, and not just creating something for the sake of originality. 

Focusing on Minimal Waste

From sourcing indigenous silk yarns to obsessively calculating the exact number of sarees needed for each design, our production is done in small batches and once pieces are sold out, we may not be able to replicate them again. On top of producing capsule collection, all our blouses launch on pre-order. This allows us the opportunity to produce specific sizes with the closest quantity estimation possible. With this production model, we are able to greatly reduce textile wastage as every style is produced in spoken-for orders and most-requested for sizes. 
Furthermore, our sewers collect and sort leftover fabrics from every collection instead of sending them to landfills. Off cut fabrics are then repurposed to create accessories for our lifestyle brand Gruham. The idea is to give new life to typically rejected fabrics and use them as a basis to spread the importance of reducing waste. 
The textile process has its own story, one that affects the environment the most. We use only natural sustainable fabrics that has the advantage of being biodegradable. A fabric we use dedicatedly is Eri silk, an ancient sustainable fabric that is fantastic for fashion products. Read about our textiles here

Advocating Sustainability

Though it is quite difficult to categorise products as exclusively sustainable or not, but working directly with local weavers has given us sustainable and ethical choices. We have made a significant, concentrated effort at optimising every single step of our production to be as sustainable as possible. By creating just what is needed, we minimise waste generated from unsold pieces. Artisans also get more time to concentrate on each piece they make. 
Though we couldn't avoid plastic during shipping, we have ensured that all our packaging materials are plastic-free. Every saree is handed over to you in a 100% handspun cotton sleeve, handmade by women artisans from a small village in Andhra Pradesh who took to stitching to sustain their families after a prolonged drought devastated crop production.
We value the importance of natural fibres, no carbon footprint, providing employment for village communities and truly making a difference at all stages of the product life cycle. We never waste a single flower; many of our botanicals are 'rescued' from temple waste or sourced from our team's backyards in Assam. 
We use the expertise of local women artisans as a way of preserving the traditional crafts and to provide a means to these women to support their households. The people who work with us during the entire process of making our collections -  farmers, dyers, weavers, sewers and home based women artisans - all work towards the same goal of minimising waste across the whole business.