Our Process

Anchored in community and heritage, we work with rural artisan households of Assam and co-create handloom products using jacquard looms, tat xaal (traditional looms) and plant/flower dyes found locally ensuring limited wastage of natural resources, especially water. Our Assam workshop is spearheaded by over 12 talented weavers, who are the backbone of our weaving space. In a world ruled by machines, we are in awe of their expertise and how they have widely contributed towards reviving the handloom craft in India. Since each and every piece from TSC studio is individually hand crafted, the creation process ensures that no two pieces are exactly the same.
Here's a glimpse of the entire process, from dyeing to spinning and weaving of our rich heritage textiles, effortlessly created by the weavers, by using a wide range of homegrown silk yarns, each distinct in its own way.

Textile Composition

Our sarees and mekhela sador are woven purely using Assam silk (Eri, Muga, Paat, Kesa Paat, Nuni) or we blend them with other natural yarns like cotton or tussar silk. We love experimenting with blends as it allows us to combine qualities inherent in each fabric with each other to create a final product. In certain cases, blends can also help improve the feel, performance or durability of the fabric. For example, raw silk blended with cotton can increase lustre and durability of the cotton fibre. 

Design and Make

Our blouses are cut and sewn by our seamstresses in Assam. Each design is handcrafted end-to-end by our artisans using the finest materials from our weaving space. Over the years, we have grown into a lean team that remain deeply involved in each stage of the manufacturing process. Our pieces are produced in small batches and are the result of working and learning alongside artisanal communities and independent craftspeople. 
Keeping our collections season-less, we also initiate pre-orders in attempt to use our resources more responsibly and to reduce overproduction and waste.