Our Commitment to Heritage Foundation

At TSC, we believe in giving back to society.
This is why we partner with Heritage Foundation to donate part of our profits to the NGO, which is committed to create a community of women weavers by providing craft skills training, design assistance, and financial support so handloom weaving is seen as a viable livelihood.
Heritage Foundation began working with 10 weavers in the Muga cluster villages near Dhemaji, Assam in early 2015. With a small team of 5 professionals, they trained women weavers in all the aspects of running a successful business enterprise - from production, technology and finance management to marketing and institution building. 
In batches of 10, the weavers underwent a 40-day skill training, overcoming resistance from the men at home. During the training, they learnt to take the warp in a warping drum, practice in the advanced fly shuttle loom, develop designs, diversify products and also maintain records. In 18 months, 150 members have completed their training. The training and practice in the new loom has not only increased the production efficiency but has also instilled in the weavers the need to complete orders on time and to move beyond the traditional use of yarn, colour combination and design to suit market requirement.
The foundation now has formed informal producer groups, periodically purchasing yarns so that the trainees can avail of working capital in the form of yarn at a minimal rate of interest. The weavers are free to sell the products on their own or through affiliated brands.