Dusty Rose Eri Silk Twill Fabric

Dusty Rose Eri Silk Twill Fabric

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This heavy weight Eri silk fabric has a denim look and feel since it is woven with a twill weave construction. Perfect for fashion as well as furnishing projects.

Often referred to as Ahimsa silk or fabric of peace, Eri silk is a very popular fibre among vegans and Buddhists. While the production of Eri silk is more labour and cost intensive, it is the world's most sustainable silk. 

Eri silk has excellent qualities: it is skin friendly, iso-thermal, anti-fungal and has low environmental impact. It is also a strong, durable fabric, combining the elegance of silk with the comfort of cotton and warmth of wool. The more it is worn, the softer it gets and is a great textile to be worn all year round. 

100% Eri silk fabric in a heavy weight.
Approx. 120 cm wide.
Price point is per meter (100cm)